This is dedicated to those who dare to be themselves...


What a labor it has been – a labor of love, pain and everything in between. When I first embarked on this project I thought that I was simply making an album. What I didn't realize is that this project would birth something deeper - a kind of rebirth of myself. Through the roller coaster ride of emotions I experienced while writing and recording I came to discover the significance of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-validation. I believe that by embracing who you are, you are then able to present your unique self to the world, subsequently enriching your community and the world at large. So today, April 4th 2016, I present to you "IaM", my journey back to myself. I hope to encourage you toward self-love, self-acceptance, and self-validation. 
I am now a tremendously proud momma of this album that has been marinating for the last couple of years. And now that this album is finally out of the oven, let’s break bread…



"Her music is unlike anything I've heard in a while... my favorite part about [Fire] aside from her vocals of course, the horns that sort of creep into the song in the beginning and lace the entirety of the track. It gives the song drama which I love" HapaKenya

"Stop the presses! Athieno released an epic album..." Bottomline Kenya.

"Athieno fuses traditional African beats and modern sounds to create a perfect infusion of urban music with lyrics that are not anything close to simplistic." AfroWay.

"Muamuzi is the final track on Athieno’s stellar album... the flexibility with which it can be performed gives it an evergreen quality... The version on the album keeps things lively and upbeat with a melange of jazz, and African rhythms. It is impossible to avoid jamming to song." Bottomline Kenya

" Sukuma Wiki... she weaves a complex pattern in Dholuo, Swahili and English... the song you want her to upload as fast as possible is Gona Simu" Worldazitiz

"Fire, self-produced in collaboration with Moez Dawad... is a fiery, funky love song that spreads across several genres it would be pointless to pigeon-hole it. Kind of brings Janelle Monáe to mind." Bottomline Kenya

"Performing singer/songwriter, pianist, music producer and audio engineer... Athieno does it all, and in her album, she deftly creates and African-infused urban album..." Healthy Woman

"Your quintessential African fusion artist. Numerous musical genres and influences ooze out of her songs, softly kneaded and layered together to leave just enough room for one final fundamental ingredient – a unique signature sound which combines her arresting vocals and her deceptively simple songwriting." Bottomline Kenya.

"Breathtaking virtuosity on the piano... it's hard not to fall in love with her music." Jazz Symphonic